An important aspect of school life on the AVC campus is Middle and High School leadership teams. These teams provide the organizational leadership and direction for the AVC student body. Students are invited to apply for positions and must go through a thorough screening and interview process.

Middle School Student Leadership Team
The objective of the Middle School Student Leadership Team activities program is to provide students with servant- leadership skills. Activities are designed to promote the social, physical, and spiritual development of AVC Middle School students. Activities are planned that will encourage students to broaden the scope of their interests and to teach them to work together to accomplish their goals.

Members of the AVC Middle School leadership team will be taught to demonstrate love and respect for others. They will also be taught to be responsible, dependable, and a contributing member of the team. Members are to demonstrate Christian leadership through their efforts and behavior.

Positions that are available on the team include: President, Vice President, Secretary, Chaplain, Publicist, Activities Director, and two Class Representatives (male and female) from the Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grades. Team members are under the direct supervision of the Middle School SLT advisor.

High School Student Leadership Team
The objectives of the high school student leadership team are:
• To minister to the students of Apple Valley Christian Academy by planning, organizing, and promoting events that are of solid moral content
• To promote spiritual unity on the AVC campus
• To train students in business administrative and organizational skills
• To plan events that reach out to those in and beyond our community
• To ensure that students are aware of the cooperation, self-motivation, and responsibilities in a leadership position

Positions that are available on the team include, but are not restricted to: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Chapel Coordinator, and Class Representatives from the Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior classes.

Class Officers
Each Middle School and High School class (Sixth through Twelfth Grades) has Class Representatives that help plan and direct class activities and are members of the Student Leadership Team. Class activities are guided by SLT.