How we provide a Christ-centered education through our online academy.

Our online courses are taught by staff and teachers who believe in our Statement of Faith. The instructors are subject-certified and care about the lives of their students and strive to develop positive relationships. As instructors facilitate the courses, they are intentional about helping students grow academically and spiritually. The student’s home values, church doctrines, and personal beliefs are respected.

We believe that, to Glorify God, our courses must be at the highest levels of rigor and use the best of what we know about how students learn online. Our courses have been consciously designed with the ability to adapt Biblical applications and discussions for further dialogue. This unique approach to online education provides each student with the opportunity to understand his or her courses from a Christian worldview. With academic excellence as a priority, the integration of faith and scripture is implemented into every area of our courses to add value to the formation of the whole student, mind and spirit, in order to strengthen the student’s Christian faith. Our online courses have been approved by Protestant and Catholic educators. The Bible courses are not designed to reinforce a denominational doctrine (Lutheran, Catholic, Methodist…). Rather they let the Bible speak for itself.

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