Discover What Makes Us Exceptionally Different

Discover what makes us exceptionally different…

  • Our Classical Christian Curriculum begins in Preschool and teaching of Latin begins in first grade with songs and prayers.  Latin dramatically improves a student’s vocabulary and elevates his SAT scores, but this is not the language’s primary function.  In a manner similar to mathematics, Latin disciplines the mind.” (taken from Simply Classical, by Cheryl Swope)
  • We value Truth.  Classical Christian education believes that students learn to discern Truth more accurately when they have a well-trained mind.  There is Truth, and we value it enough to help students develop the skill to understand it.
  • We emphasize cultivating wisdom rather than just teaching facts and skills.
  • Our students learn how to learn, so they are ready for any specialized training they may need to excel in any field for which they are suited.  

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  1. Success in college and in the job market are the primary reasons I send my child to school.

If my child’s education builds wisdom, the natural result will be success in life.

  1. Education should be entertaining so that children can enjoy their childhood.

Education is a joy unto itself for the student who is taught to love learning.

  1. Education trains children in the knowledge and skills that they will need.

Education teaches children the art of learning; it trains the mind in how to think well.

  1. Education at school can be value-neutral.  We teach our family values at home.

All education teaches an inherent value system.  Therefore, school should instill values consistent with your family’s.

5. Education should include more than just learning required subjects.

The mission of AVCS is to equip young Christian leaders: Spiritually, Academically, and Socially.  Students receive a well-rounded, classically-flavored Christian education. Also, an important aspect of school life on the AVCS campus is servant-leadership…in the classroom, on campus, as well as in the community.  


Many of us grew up going to modern schools, learning “secular” subjects, and attending Sunday school or Bible class.  This has conditioned our minds to think in separate, unrelated categories about the world. This mental separation results in a dysfunctional worldview.  Students who develop an accurate Christian worldview are able to take God out of His compartment. (from Discover Classical Christian Education)

Rather than confining Christianity to a Bible class, we view all subjects through the lens of Scripture, and we challenge the assumptions that other schools accept without question.

“No single truth is adequately comprehended till it is viewed in harmonious relations to all other truths of the system in which Christ is the centre.”  A.A. Hodge

We seek to graduate mature students who are well-suited to challenge the conventions of our society, rather than falling prey to them.


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