What is the Read-A-Thon?
The Read-A-Thon is a fun and educational way to raise funds for our school. All donations will be used to increase safe technology in our library and classrooms.

When is the Read-A-Thon?
The Read-A-Thon starts September 14th and ends September 30th. Sponsor sheets and donations (cash and checks made to AVCS only) must be turned in by Monday, October 8th to be eligible for prizes. All online donations must be completed online by September 30th.

How Do I Participate?

You ask sponsors to support your reading efforts. Sponsors are family, friends or businesses who care about your education. A sponsor can make a donation per books read (ex: $5.00 per book) or a flat rate donation for your participation. If you are a preschooler or kindergartner, you can collect sponsors for number of books read to you. Use the attached forms to keep track of your progress and sponsorship.

What books may I use?
You can choose the books you enjoy reading. The important thing is the reading time, not the reading materials.

What are the Read-A-Thon prizes?
Grand Prize (most funds raised overall by an individual) – Two Disneyland Tickets**
Class Prize (most funds raised by a class) – Pizza/Movie Party
Student Prize (most books read) – $10.00 in Spirit Bucks

** Some restrictions and blackout days apply. Tickets are for one park only. AVCS will purchase the tickets once an eligible date is selected by the winner.


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